Process Improvement

The collaboration between the different areas of your organization for the execution of certain processes is essential. Clearly define the deliverables that each area must generate so that the other can continue with the process. Get order and clarity of who is responsible for each activity to be performed.

What requirements do we solve?

TiedCOMM Phased Workflow Management allows generating workflows for a collaborative scheme between areas. As well as automatically sending notifications that will keep you informed of when you should participate in a process and the changes suffered by the information that is your responsibility.

How do we do it?

Through an innovative and disruptive methodology based on the standardized collection of proofs of a well-done work, TiedCOMM WFM allows to implement processes in an ultra-fast way, responding effectively to the majority of business needs.


Our solution allows to be implemented directly by the experts of each business area, which generates rapid adoption and acceptance. On the other hand, TiedCOMM WFM allows the generation of performance indicators in real time, in order to detect areas of opportunity and to base work on the achievement of goals.

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