TiedCOMM Easy Document Capture is a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of Web applications with the control of a desktop application to result in a simple and powerful tool for scanning and indexing without data capture.

What requirements do we solve?

TiedCOMM Easy Document Capture improves the performance of customer service centers, where it is required to scan documents quickly and accurately avoiding data capture to classify documents.

How do we do it?

We take advantage of the control panel with display of the professional scanners, to select from the scanner the type of document, applying predefined particular characteristics of scanning, which results in a single click document capture into TiedCOMM BCM.


TiedCOMM Easy Document Capture allows you to scan and index documents at the same time avoiding manual data capture, through te use of control panel of Kodak Alaris and Fujitsu Fi professional scanners.

These are some professional scanners compatible with TiedCOMM Easy Document Capture:

Take advantage of your classified documents to feed internal controls.

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