The correct protection of your corporate documents is fundamental, mainly if we take into account that in that information is the history of your organization and its intellectual assets. TiedCOMM CMS allows you to create a single corporate repository that establishes and guarantees different levels of access and permissions on your valuable information.

What requirements do we solve?

The handling of digital documents becomes a problem if they are stored in the PC of each creator. The possibility of loss and non-permitted access to documents is high due to multiple circumstances, in addition that it is difficult to guarantee access to the latest version of the document.

How do we do it?

TiedCOMM CMS allows the creation of a central repository, where corporate documents can be stored in a standardized and secure way. The TiedCOMM administrator will be able to define the different levels of access to the documents, as well as the necessary permits for the personnel to perform their work functions.


  • Secure and centralized access to your corporate documents from any PC, laptop or tablet device with Windows, iOS or Android operating systems.
  • Version control over documents.
  • Management of access, edition, printing, sending by email or exporting your corporate information.
  • Standardization of the way to classify your corporate documents.
  • TiedCOMM CMS gives you a simple and accurate way to find your corporate documents.

Make your documents serve as proof of a correct and standardized work.

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