What is TiedCOMM?

TiedCOMM is a solution for design, implementation and monitoring of all types of internal controls and business processes, which employs an innovative and disruptive methodology based on the collection of standardized evidence.

Our technology resolves issues such as: correct decision making, performance measurement in real time and the detection of those responsible for successes, mistakes and errors.

TiedCOMM bases its technology on the concept of Corporate Accountability that is defined as the obligation of an individual or organization to account for their activities, accept responsibility for them and reveal results in a transparent manner.

The newest technology of TiedCOMM allows a real continuous improvement of processes, thanks to its great flexibility, simplicity and speed to implement and modify business processes on the fly.

What requirements does TiedCOMM solve?

TiedCOMM TiedCOMM is a suite of modules that solves various requirements of organizations such as:

  • Rapid, simple and effective implementation of internal controls and business processes.
  • Control, measurement and monitoring of policies, standards and procedures.
  • Reduction of the use of paper to carry out the daily administrative operation.
  • Reduction of uncertainty and subjectivity in decision making.
  • Real-time measurement of employee performance.
  • Generation of a documentary repository for a secure and centralized management of corporate information.
  • Elimination or reduction of topics such as "workshop blindness", memory, self-regulation, sincerity, emotions, among others, for the determination of those responsible for successes, mistakes and errors.

How to implement TiedCOMM in my organization?

The management of standardized evidence, both documentary and transactional, involves taking into account several important issues such as document scanning, secure digital repository, traceability, collaboration, compliance with regulations and standards, standardization of processes, mobility and transparency in daily work.

TiedCOMM está compuesto por 4 grandes módulos funcionales, que le permitirán conformar su solución ideal para responder a sus requerimientos actuales y futuros:

  1. Easy Document Capture (EDC):
    Objective: Transform the information from paper to digital to be prepared as input of multiple internal controls and business processes.
  2. Content Management System (CMS).
    Objective: Generate a digital repository that allows you to keep and reuse information safely and with the correct permissions.
  3. Business Controls Management (BCM).
    Objective: Define, implement and measure compliance with all types of internal controls through the collection of documentary and transactional evidence.
  4. Workflow Management (WFM).
    Objective: Define, implement and measure business processes that involve the participation of different areas of your organization.

TiedCOMM is a corporate solution usable in all areas of your organization that allows you to complement or replace products such as ERPs, CRMs, Supplier Relationship Management Systems, BPMs, ECMs, HR Systems, Records Management Systems, Legal Systems, Project Management Systems and more.

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